Friday, January 27, 2012

Baby Nap Circuit Training

The moment I successfully tiptoe out of LittleGorilla's room, asleep in his crib and covered by a light blanket, the race is supposed to begin. Usually my mind has already begun planning as he falls asleep. How urgent is the laundry today? Dishes? Is there anything to eat? Have I had breakfast yet? Walking up and down the hall, singing, I cope with the mind numbing routine by speculating I could do to the hallway to brighten it up, thinking back to pictures on my hard drive, frames packed away in the basement.

Out the door, I may zone out for the duration of his nap. That's ok. That usually happens when I'm just over my limit. It's good to pull back and just rest like a tired-out zombie, sometimes.

Other times I may actually get a few things done. At my peak I've actually cleaned the whole house before he wakes up, or weeded the backyard, or something equally ridiculous.

Stations on the Circuit: Bathroom! Teethbrushing! Get dressed! Eat breakfast (or lunch)! Put in a load of laundry! Do the dishes/start the dishwasher! Start dinner! Clean the fridge! Write a poem! Answer student emails! Put up art! Mop!

I'm getting tired writing this post. Excuse me while find something to eat and zone out.

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Kiersten & Brian said...

i want to come and visit. see babygorilla sleeping and drink hot sweet tea with you. are you well, my froend?